Friday, 19 December 2008

Inca Kola News -- Greetings! Check this Blog

Long time we didn't talk! Otto.rock1 has finally been found .... a good friend and an acute observer of Latin America's loony economic and financial affairs, with whom I debated and sparred with about news on Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and all this crazy region, Otto has a blog and he's been found, I repeat. I am glad we stumbled across each other, thanks to the Blog world.  

This is his blog -- which I very much recommend you to access on a daily basis:

This morning, one reader posted a comment, saying that she wanted to read more news about Peru in my blog. I will write more, thanks for the feedback and the very good suggestion. Nonetheless, dear reader, if you are really really interested in reading some insightful news about Peru, please go to Inca Kola News. It will be hard to match Otto's postings on Peru, but I will try!

Dear Otto, I hope this is the last time I lose track of you. Readers, please go to his excellent blog where you will find zero BS stock analysis, insightful and timely market comments on Latin America. 

Regards ...


  1. Grácias por atender a mi pedido y poner notícias de Peru! Está fenomenal el blog!!!! Como te comenté por mensaje, ya cambié una inversión basándome en la información del blog. gracias y feliz navidad, de gichma.

  2. Mil gracias gichma ... te va a ir muy bien en tus inversiones!!! estoy seguro de eso .. te deseo mucha suerte!