Thursday, 11 December 2008

Welcome Note

Hello dear readers: 

The idea of creating a blog wasn't entirely mine. It came up as an idea that I didn't quite endorse it at the beginning, when I and a couple of good friends were discussing the depth and impact of the current credit crisis that we are now enduring. These two friends, both of them market professionals, complained about the lack of access that common people have to insightful information on financial markets. The three of us were worried about the pace at which the crisis was unfolding, and how millions of people would suffer the consequences of it. I have to admit that I couldn't disagree more with their views about the scarcity of accurate, insightful information on finance and economic matters until I realised myself how badly explained are the market facts that affect the world everyday. During the course of this crisis I have witnessed people dear to me losing their money and, in several, painful occasions, their jobs. I have seen people misled by greedy stockbrokers and, much to my discomfort, listened attentively to government officials pledging to fix what can hardly be fixed. 

The main purpose of this blog, thus, is to collect and publish the views of different, well-informed and knowledgeable people in the finance world about the facts of today, and how their evolution will likely affect the economy of tomorrow. It is also my plan to help give readers a perspective on news stories that we read in the papers but dare not to question, or simply lack the time to analyse properly. Another goal is to explain the recent process of re-nationalisation of the private economy undertaken by several governments in the region, and what the possible implications of such moves are for common citizens like you and me. 

The posts may include comments in English, Spanish and Portuguese. I will try to make most comments in English, but sometimes I will make use of my native language (Spanish) and the Portuguese language to get through the ideas I want to express. In a way, this, I believe, will help all of us integrate better and produce an interesting product -- always in the best interest of the blog's readers.

I really hope the outcome of all this, that started the night I talked with my friends, helps you dear reader better understand the current situation. I intend this to be a space where you readers as well as I can learn from one another.    




  1. Memo

    I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments.

  2. Hey Memo. Um hombre inter-galático. Mismo Pq. ahora bamos a tener internet asta la Luna.
    Mas bamonos hablar do sr. mr. Fenômeno no Timão, ou about o crack da tierra, financero ou envoinment(?). Abçs fuertes, E.