Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Blog About Perú Media, Politics and General News ... Recommended!!!

The recommendation of the day, dear reader, querido lector, caro leitor, is this blog by Peruvian journalist Jacqueline Fowks: ''NOTAS DESDE LENOVO´´ is called and here is the link to it: http://notasdesdelenovo.wordpress.com

Jacqueline, a former Peru and Brazil correspondant for Mexican newspaper Reforma, says of her blog: ''Describo el blog como un lugar para 'referir lo poco visto en los medios.' Principalmente cubro política peruana, pero eventualmente encontrarás otros asuntos también: medios, música, salud pública ...´´ I won't translate her words -- the blog is written in Spanish so, dear reader, get used to Jacqueline's affable but sharp and concise Spanish writing. Click on the link, go and enjoy it! In a short but effective note, Jacqueline warns of growing unrest between landowners, the manpower of foreign investors and indigenous people as the government, thirsty of new foreign investment, demands little from Chinese investors who may behave in Peruvian land like anything else but guests. In another note, she unveils details of the Monterrico mining company scandal and some secrets of its CEO, former U.K. ambassador Mr. Ralph. Another favourite of this blog, Inca Kola News, wrote a long story over the weekend detailing some dark aspects of Mr. Ralph's personality and the scandal (including the death of an indigenous man.)

One final note about Notas desde Lenovo. Last night, I read her blog and found out a sad news: the passing of Mary Powers, a former Reuters and The Economist writer in Peru. I remembered that night of May 2004 when she invited me over for dinner to her house, where a dozen members of the international and local press gathered, had some glasses of wine and ate delicious Peruvian dishes. She was one of the first people who introduced me to some journalists I still maintain contact with. Rest in peace dear Mary, and thanks for your warmth and journo spirit.

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