Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bogotá Suffers One Terrorist Attack. Two Colombians Died. Sad Day for Colombia.

Here is the Reuters story on the bomb blast that occurred in Bogotá last night. Two innocent people died. Initially, 20 were reported injured but fortunately no one ended up wounded.

I had a good friend having dinner at the Club Colombia restaurant next to the Blockbuster building were the bomb went off. She is fine, thank God. ''I felt the earth trembling,´´ she said to me on the phone minutes after the blast -- she sounded scared but fine. Diners rushed when they heard the blast. The Blockbuster facility was partially destroyed. I was nearby the site too, after having met with my her earlier ...

On the other side of the city, and about an hour after the blast, I met with a banker friend for drinks. We went to a bar called Invitro -- one of those places where the crisis ain't being and probably won't be felt. People were partying wildly, dancing, drinking heavily ... Yet, and you could see that from the windows of the bar, policemen and military were deployed along city streets. That image automatically reminded me of those years in the late 1980s and early 1990s when we Bogotanians used to go out our homes thinking that ''we were living in borrowed time´´ and that we may not make it back home later.

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