Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bye ... Please Clean the Horse Shit in Crawford and Don't Bother to Come Back!

Well, we don't wanna sing ''No es más que un hasta luego, no es más que un breve adios´´ to him. We all really want him to leave. His bad use of the English language, or his continuing gaffes, or his beady little eyes are not a problem. His cynism, his lies and his irresponsibility gave the world eight years of bubbles and wars ... and another four of bust. Thank you. You won't be missed.

Click here to see some shocking numbers regarding approval ratings for several U.S. presidents, all of them Post-War. I usually don't sigh with relief when a politician takes office, and this isn't the exception. But this is the first time I say it publicly: Go away, you dumb!

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