Monday, 26 January 2009

Chinese Horoscope ... Jodidos Pero Contentos (Poor But Happy)

Jodidos, pero tratando de estar contentos ...

Well, this comes courtesy of one of our most faithful readers at MM. Thanks to you, dear reader!

I have to say my horoscope for this year looks simply awful. Nine unfavourable months, three neutral (out of 12 months obviously,) the outlook for love and new relationships doesn't look too promising, I will be on a restricted budget throughout 2009 and job opportunities will be scarce this year. Sounds like I am the U.S. equivalent of the Year of the Ox, innit? I was born in 1974, so I was born in the year of the Tiger (???) ... ''The year of the Ox presents an overwhelming influence upon the Tiger to maintain a steady and well disciplined pace.´´ At least I am getting to run and bicycle every morning -- discipline is my motto these days! Because we are not to discuss my love life, here is the horoscope's prediction for ''Tiger Wealth:´´
Tiger Wealth

''Take caution when it comes to your finances this year, as it is not a time to speculate or take any unnecessary risks. Plan your large purchases carefully and avoid impulse buying. The best advice is to monitor your spending throughout the year and you won't have any problems. This may sound like simple advice, but due to your generous nature, it may not be as simple as it sounds.´´

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