Monday, 19 January 2009

Fund Flows Data Show Modest Readings; Recovery Seems to Be Losing Momentum

The recovery trend in inflows of investor money into emerging market funds that characterised the end of 2008 might be fizzling. High-Yield and Equity funds attrated less money, and bond funds posted outflows, according to EFPR. For the Jan. 14 week, inflows into emerging market high-yield (HY) bond funds slowed, after having lured almost $1 billion in new money the previous week. HY funds have posted net inflows in each of the last 7 weeks, according to Dresdner Kleinwort. Inflows of investor money into emerging market equities are also taking place at a slower pace. Inflows fell from $1.1 billion in total for the Jan. 14 week, compared with $1.9 billion in the previous week.

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