Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Inca Kola Not Allowed for Monterrico Workers!

Well -- one as a journalist can only say Kudos to those who, in the search of the truth, try their best efforts at covering a story. This is the example of brother blog Inca Kola News (this is my 11th praise so far since we went to air in early December!!!) This guy Otto ROCKS!!!

Check today's postings on the Monterrico torture scandal in Peru by Inca Kola News. It seems that Otto's campaign to tell the world the alleged atrocities committed by this company against indigenous communities in Peru is beginning to bear fruit. Reuters picked up the story and, knowing their persisitence and the work of their Lima-based correspondant Terry Wade, will dig on the mud to try to find the truth there.

Management must be mulling prohibiting their workers drink Inca Kola at breaks. Les deja un sabor amargo en la boca ...

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