Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Market Memorandum Writer Has to Bring Food Home. Blog Will Be Semi-Abandoned for a Few Days

Dear reader:

I have to travel to Cartagena (yes!), bring food home, earn my living, do something productive, all that. We will be sporadically commenting the news that do move Latin markets, those which matter, bringing some insightful information to you while keeping this thing not that ''up to date´´ up until Feb. 3, -- by then I hope to be back soon. In the meantime, don't sweat, don't get stressed, don't jump off the window! We will be back shortly, I promise!

Thanks for your very support, comments and readership. Los comienzos son duros, mas hermosos.


  1. Buen viaje, y hasta lueguito.

  2. The Grouch is very pissed off. How can you leave us? I will be grumpy until you come back. If you hang out on the Coast checking out the gorgeous chicks I'll have to stay here in my garbage can with nothing else to do but spit at the tourists. Have a lousy trip and get your friking ass back here as soon as possible.