Sunday, 11 January 2009

News Round-up: Israel Incursion in the Gaza Strip

Because of the commentary sent my my friend Herman Dermer, I decided to collect a number of news and commentary related to the war in the Gaza Strip. Market Memorandum isn't siding with either of the people in conflict, and we had wished one Palestine writer had written his version of things for this page.

Therefore, I picked up one pro-Palestine opinion column from the media. Follows the news round-up on the conflict:

REUTERS -- Military Operations Continue as Truce Sought by Neighbouring States -- The attorcity of both sides is just unbelievable: Reuters, citing medical officials, reported that about half of the Palestinian dead in the latest fighting in the Hamas-ruled territory were civilians.

THE NEW YORK TIMES -- Bush, Israel Negotiated Israel Raid on Iran Nuke Site -- President Bush deflected a 2008 request by Israel for help in an attack on Iran’s main nuclear site; he told the Israelis about new covert action against Iran. Despite the fact that his policies were partly to blame for the grave economic situation facing the U.S. economy, Bush seemed to have been thinking of engaging the nation in another war all the time.

THE SUNDAY TIMES OF LONDON -- Hammas leaders is killed -- Amir Mansi, an engineer who commanded cells responsible for firing Grad rockets supplied by Iran, died after coming under attack from a helicopter.

BLOOMBERG -- Olmert Says Israel Nearing Accomplishing Gaza Mission -- Olmert’s comments come after both Israeli and Hamas officials met with Egyptian diplomats to discuss a truce aimed at ending the 16-day military occupation of Gaza. But, as the story suggests, there's a long road ahead until Israel decides to pull out from Palestine territories.

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