Wednesday, 28 January 2009

One More Blog About Brazil, Latin America, Financial Markets

Tony Volpon is an American economist who's lived in Brazil for years. He worked for BankBoston and a number of shops there and currently he is chief economist for the Brazilian unit of Spanish brokerage CM Capital Markets. I have just been informed of his blog, Alternativa Brasil. I really hope you'll like it a lot (I did!)

Here is the link to Tony's blog:
Enjoy it!

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  1. Tony is American? I think he's Brazilian, of Greek descent. Or Canadian. He worked at the Central Bank of Canada. He worked for Nations Bank, then Bank of America. I know a jornalist who did his very first interview about capital markets with him and has been interviewing him for 12 years since. He has a beautiful and charming wife and is a REALLY SMART cat. He is very very buy side. He does not sell bs. He makes the grouch almost happy.