Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Pathetic: People in Facebook and Some of Their Stupid Groups

IncaKolaNews just posted this: Click here for the story. A group was created for hiring a hitman to kill Evo Morales. The founder is even offering himself to kill the Bolivian president in case the group fails to hire a gunman. Jesus! Remember that the force and reach of some of these Facebook groups is remarkable (many people credit one of them with having organised a march against kidnappings that gathered almost 4 million people last year.) How ridiculous this Evo Morales group can be?

Important that we sit down and think about this, and what we do. We, I say the media, are responsible for some of the biases against certain politicians or public people. But we have to be and quick radical at condemning all these expressions of hate and intolerance.

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