Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Phillipines Selling Sovereign Bonds -- Window of Opportunity Was Left Open by Brazil, Colombia

The Phillipines is also selling bonds today:

  • Issuer: Republic of the Philippines
  • Ratings: B1/BB-/BB positive/stable/stable
  • Size: US$ Benchmark (Minimum $500 Million)
  • Maturity: June 17, 2019
  • Pricing: Expected NY today
  • Leads: Credit Suisse / Deutsche Bank / HSBC Holdings Pls.
  • Listing: EuroMTF Luxembourg

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  1. The thing that is most annoying about this is that when you include natural gas the deficit gets even larger and will get larger still. Brazil has made great strides in reducing its dependence on foreign energy, huge strides, but the deficit by some calculations iis probably much higher than in this article, which does not inclue the $2.2 billion of gas imports in the Jan. - Nov. period. It's a scandal.