Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Poll Closed. About 70 Percent of Those Surveyed Say Economy Won't Get a Quick Fix Under Obama

The question of our first MM poll was whether you, dear reader, thought that Barack Obama would get to quick the U.S. economy in a quick manner. Seventy-three percent said no. The rest said yes ... there were not many readers participating in this poll (only 15 readers out of an average 110 that we have during business days.)

As we pointed out earlier this morning, the challenges facing the Obama administration are diverse, huge and quite difficult. Those related to banks, to the real economy, the administration of the TARP funds, their quick disbursement, trade, China, .... The list seems interminable. But Obama started diligently by pressing Congress to confirm his nominee to the Treasury post, and acting quickly on highly-awaited measures such as the closure of Guantanamo -- nothing more than a vow of good faith to the world.

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