Thursday, 15 January 2009

RBC Predicts Another Sell-off of Emerging Market Assets

Royal Bank of Canada analysts are little confident on the prospects for the Chinese economy and, therefore, the rest of emerging markets economies. Without giving the specific timing range, the shop says that capital flight from foreigners liquidating Chinese bond and stock holdings and the unwinding of the on and off-shore long yuan carry trade will be troublesome for the world´s fourth largest economy. Regarding other emerging markets, RBC's pessimistic view on emerging market flows this year expects $50 billion and $100 billion worth of outflows, suggesting ''we are in the eye of the storm with a second more emerging markets-centric sell-off awaiting.´´

RBC's view goes in the opposite direction to many other banks that are now signaling a mild revival of risk-taking and demand for emerging market debt. In recent days, flows into emerging market bond funds have returned into the black for the first time since August. One hedge fund manager in Chicago tells us that investors will return to their wait-and-see approach after the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama. What is evident is that the rapid deterioration of economic data across Latin America will help deter many investors from flocking into the region's bonds and stocks in the short run.

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