Saturday, 3 January 2009

Why Are These Guys Talking About a Legacy Here?

Very typical American media profile. Skeptical, full of anecdotes and detail but, as often, lacking focus.

The WSJ published a profile of Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. F-Ury-bists may complain this piece was not very indulgent to their caudillo, whom they credit for having saved the country from the ferocious assassins called FARC guerrillas. The same supporters who for years have tacitly, or sometimes openly, have shown sympathy for illegal paramilitary groups. Uribe´s opponents may say it´s too soft on him. I say, it misses the real story. The WSJ says that an attempt by Uribe to seek another re-election (Is he trying to act like his Venezuelan counterpart? or is it my impression?) may put at jeopardy his legacy (as if his two terms were the only result of his democratic security strategy and not the consequence -- partly -- of years of exorbitantly-high commodity prices and irrational exuberance.)

Well, read this and reach your own conclusions. Legacy ... legacy ... what type of legacy can have a president who is responsible for the falsos positivos scandal, or the failed regulatory controls on the pyramids schemes that defrauded more than 300,000 citizens, or has most his supporters in Congress under investigation or in jail for involvement with illegal paramilitary groups? You got to give the guy credit for lots of things, but he is far from being a hero. At least, when it comes to ethics.

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