Friday, 6 February 2009

Intimidation Campaign is Just Starting: Fausta's Blog Says Blogger Detained in Venezuela for Campaigning Against ''No´´

A que no me agarran intimidándolos, escuálidos!

Click here on this link to check Fausta's posting about a Venezuelan blogger detained for campaigning against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's infamous re-election referendum.

Who is infringing the law, the blogger for making use of his prerogative for free speech, or the government for curbing free expression? Chávez's referendum proposal has serious legal flaws. In choosing to hold the referendum at the start of this year, the president sought to bypass electoral board requirements (red tape.) The current initiative is illegal -- the constitution prohibits the same reform proposal to be considered twice during a single presidential term (he pursued another referendum containing the same proposal, the abolition of presidential term limits, back in Dec. 2007. He lost, ha!) Chávez suggested in an interview with CNN last week that he would be willing to respect the results of the Feb. 15 referendum; but he insisted that that if the proposal was rejected by voters, the government would seek to create a Constituent Assembly empowered to draft a new Carta Magna.

Any decision to respect the outcome of the vote is unlikely to stop Chávez from scaling up confrontation. In the meantime, an effective campaign of intimidation and rampant spending to promote that Frankenstein is giving him an edge in polls. The opposition has been quite lame in campaigning against it, we have to say. But Venezuelans have become quite good at lying to pollsters -- they did that ahead of the past two elections. That may well hand ''Mr. Chav
´´ a lovely defeat on his attempt to become the eternal ruler of Venezuela.

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