Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Una Temporada en el Infierno -- A Break From All the Awful News in Finance ...

Here is a wonderful poem by Arthur Rimbaud, French poet who produced the bulk of his work during his teens. This is pure evocation, a master piece. Click here for a link to his biography. I hope you, dear reader, enjoy it.

** A Une Raison **

One stroke of your fingers on the drum discharges all the sounds and begins the new harmony.

One step of your feet is the calling up of new men and their marching off.

You turn your head away from us: the new love.

You turn your head back to us:the new love.

``Change our fate, crush our scourges beginning with the scourge of time,'' these children cry to you.

``Raise up somewhere, anywhere, the substance of our fortunes and our prayers,'' we beseech you.

Arrived from always you will go away everywhere.

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