Monday, 16 March 2009

Bogotá is The City of Chaos These Days: Moreno, Go to Hell! Rojas Birry Faces Corruption Allegations

''Hey Francisco, look: we know you are squeezed with those expensive bills of
one of your mistress and your new car, and your country house. You help us with
one contract, and we will give you a small present. But make sure you get
another mistress so she can be used as testaferra.´´

Click here on this link to read this Cambio magazine story about a corruption scandal in Bogotá. To make a long story short, you have probably read in the media about the pyramids scandal in Colombia. Some people say the tentacles of one of these pyramid scheme companies reached the presidential palace. Well, the mastermind of the largest of such companies, DMG, a crook called David Murcia, bribed thousands of influential people -- or hired them -- in order to either evade justice or get more businesses.

One of those people Murcia's organisation bribed -- or hired -- is Bogotá's Personero Distrital. Personero Distrital, uhhmm, one of those useless positions in the bureaucracies of Latin America, has no translation -- but the guy is the person who evaluates and go-aheads city contracts with public and private entities. So, summarising, this crook has influence and power. The Personero: Francisco Rojas Birry, a former senator and a representative to the indigenous communities. Don't call me a racist -- I don't freaking care if this guy is white or not. Rojas Birry
(photo, centre) allegedly received $90,000 from DMG to pay old debts, Cambio reported. He used his wife, a lady with a weird name, as front woman for a car he got from ... uhhmm, we still don't know eh? ... Cambio details some of his contract dealings as well as extravagant lifestyle antics in a very good story. Funny, annoying but funny.

Am I wasting your time here? Probably yes. But I love lashing out at those idiots from the Polo Democrático
faction supporting that other crook called Samuel Moreno Rojas, who happens to unfortunately be the mayor of Bogotá, a city of about 9 million people managed by Moreno like a freaking village. The city lost its appeal and a chance to attract billions of dollars in new investments (and become a hub for investment in the region) the day that idiot took office. We hope that Bogotanos continue their efforts to impeach such idiot. And for Rojas Birry, the personero, his situation is untenable -- he will probably face a political trial at the city assembly. His sorrowful wife is probably counting his days on her fingers.

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