Friday, 13 March 2009

Chile Delivers Another Massive Rate Reduction; Currency Should Rally Slightly

The Banco Central de Chile, commanded by economist José de Gregorio, delivered a 250 basis point cut in the benchmark overnight lending rate to 2.25 percent (in line with market forecasts.) That is what a responsible country does when it has the firepower to do it, namely fiscal ammunition, low debt, etc. This is the third rate reduction this year -- 100 basis points in January, 250 basis points in February, and 250 basis points this month.

We have been insisting on markets' preference for countries with an aggressive package of anti-recession policies. We have seen how well the Brazilian real and the Chilean peso fared compared to the Colombian and Mexican pesos (and we insisit these two countries were late to act against the crisis.) The Chilean peso has gained momentum in recent weeks, following the announcement of a $4 billion fiscal stimulus package at the end of last year. One important thing to highlight here is that the Chile has more fiscal room to implement counter cyclical policies than Brazil. The peso therefore might rise to levels close to 580 to the dollar, from 594 pesos now.

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