Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Why The World Should Be Permanently in Recession: The Cases of Russia and Venezuela

God, have mercy of these two!

I am sorry Otto, I am not giving my cherry away, not yet!

Yesterday, Russian President Dmitry ''The Puppet´´ Medvedev vowed to press ahead with a rearmament program seeking to quash NATO's military expansion close to Russia's borders. The Puppet and U.S. President Barack Obama will meet early next month to discuss the economic crisis and ... uhhmmm geopolitics. Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov went beyond remarks made by the Puppet. Serdyukov accused the U.S. of trying to push Russia out of its traditional sphere of influence -- the former Soviet Union countries -- in order to secure energy and commodity supplies. Jesus!

Then we have the President of the Bolivarian Revolutionary Pathetic Republic, formerly Venezuela (otrora a great country, now ruined by ten years of Chavismo) seizing airports and ports from regional governments -- read the opposition -- after the president's cronies passed his long-sought re-election amendment. Why I say the world should be permanently in recession? Because these stupid presidents are using the wealth of their countries to pursue nuke weapons, curtail political opposition in their countries, create alliances with allies to spark regional imbalances (the case of Venezuela and Ecuador hinders Colombia's war against the FARC and drug traffickers) and all that. Countries like Iran do the same -- annoy its neighbours and put the world under more stress.

Capitalism has bolstered these regimes that treat democracy like a tool of their leaders, have little of pluralist and much of oppressive. I know there are too many sympathisers of Mr. Hugo Chávez in this region. Shame on them -- I do wish the world was permanently in a recession to impede people like Chávez or The Puppet from carrying out their stupid projects.

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