Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Argentina Mourns Former President Alfonsín, Who Died Yesterday

Murió Raúl Alfonsín. I am reproducing Bloomberg News reporter Eliana Raszweski's obit on the man who helped bring back democracy to Argentina.

March 31 (Bloomberg) -- Raul Alfonsin, who presided over Argentina’s return to democracy from military dictatorship and later resigned amid economic chaos, died today. He was 82. Alfonsin, who was battling lung cancer, suffered recently from pneumonia, his doctor Alberto Sadler told reporters in Buenos Aires. Dozens of people carrying candles gathered outside Alfonsin’s house in the capital.
Click here to read Raszweski's story. Alfonsin dismantled the armed forces's power structure. He created the National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons to record human rights abuses that took place under the past military leadership. One footprint of democratic values that our leaders should always use as a model. We have so many undemocratic leaders in this region that use votes and institutions created for people like Alfonsín to perpetuate in power. The Chávez, Uribes and so on won't be as fondly remembered as the old Alfonsín will. Rest in Peace, Mr. President.

Click on this link to read Otto Rock's IncaKolaNews' very touchy posting on Alfonsín. It's partly in Spanish, lo cual lo hace más sentido aún.

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