Saturday, 7 February 2009

Market Memorandum's Weekend Reader -- Feb. 7-8

Hola amigos ... Bored? Staying home? Just broke up? ... uhhmm, perhapsThursday night was so intense, innit? Wanna read more stuff about work? the media? boring stuff about the world in which we live? Here is my list of suggestions for you:

1) Democracy is on crisis. Click on this link here to understand why non-democratic countries like China might be responsible for that.

2) Che Guevara, says this article, has become the Ronald McDonald of the Cuban Revolution. Find out why.

3) I shared a house in Caracas with an Al-Jazeera correspondant. She is a brave journalist, always hungry for the news. Her specialty: covering conflicts. Find out why Al-Jazeera is succeeding at covering violence and war around the world (click here on the link for article.)

4) Chávez and more about Chávez. Click here for article.

5) Michael Lewis, the author of Liar's Poker, writes why things went wrong for Wall Street. Click here for link to article.

-- Interested in listening to new Latin American rock bands? Go to and scroll down, until you find videos and audio.

-- Do you want to have your own sports channel in your laptop? Click here on and choose what you'd like to see. Cheaper than cable and with good transmission quality.